In an effort to make your session run as smoothly and as cost effectively as possible, below are guidelines to help ensure your mixes finish on time with the minimal amount of problems.

  1. Please send ProTools mix files a minimum of 48 hours prior to the mixing session date or earlier is preferable
  2. For all songs please include a monitor mix of the 'latest mix' that lines up with with the ProTools session
  3. Feel free to provide mix notes (no matter how mundane you think they might be)
  4. Before you send your ProTools session, please print any special effects (including Auto-Tune). Do not include EQ, compression, reverb, and delays (if you want it in the mix then print it)
  5. Delete all volume, pan and mute automation (if you want it in the mix then print it)
  6. Delete all sends and busses
  7. Delete all alternate playlists and unused audio. Only send the files needed for each song (This will also keep your file size down and make transferring much quicker)

Once the mix has been completed, you will be sent an MP3 or WAV of the mix via a secure server. If you have any mix notes/changes please send them to: info@clintmurphyproductions.com

Photo of Clint Murphy behind the SSL console at Modern World Studios
Drum tuning key